BP Payments on-the-go

BP Payments on-the-go

BP Payments on-the-go is an app that allows users to store all bank accounts and to accompany bank cards all in one place. A crypto wallet app, combined with other commercial features of the BP Oil Company.

As most users don’t want to be overwhelmed with cluttered options and buttons, the target was to make the process of choice-making easier by minimizing interactions to the bearable minimum.

The idea for the visual design is an aesthetically pleasing yet simple concept with minimal distractions to maximise user experience.

Every flow was delivered focusing on a one-finger-navigation system.

The approach is modern and fresh, yet combing common human interaction patterns and behaviours.

Colours were chosen to match the brand's identity but giving a new sophisticated look of the digital era.

Giving users a friendly interface with easy navigations, was the main challenge, as in-app actions have to be delivered in a short period of time, like navigation and payments-on-the-go.