Time Wasters App

Time Wasters App

This is a micro-app for an interactive magazine of PT fashion retail stores, including a monthly issue, looks, style channels, playlists and more. This publication aims to attract the younger millennial audience of 18-28.

Focusing on specific younger target groups, we emphasize on a more playful and experimental UI, giving a much more different perspective on the visual language of the main retail brand.

Vivid colours and bold shapes create a fresh publishing look-a-like experience, with large images and navigation controls.

Design patterns, as social media "stories", are used for browsing content, as it feels like a more natural navigation system, linked to the merchant's e-commerce store.

Reconstructing the grid, giving design elements a fluid feeling and playing with font sizes, we deliver a much needed contrast to make the content stand out and be consistent to its specific art direction.