warp.ly engage platform

warp.ly engage platform

A tailor-made, robotic-process, automation platform designed to simplify day-to-day eCommerce workflows, offering loyalty, commercial and behavioural rules.

Introducing a brand new simplified UI, designed for customer's loyalty segments, adding rewards based on real-time actions and live analytics.

The challenge was to visualise detailed analytics, charts and interactive workflows and maps, offering a clean and comfortable with decoding experience.

The main new feature is an all-in-one dashboard for setting up campaigns and automated workflows.

As every page delivers different data, every prototype was designed separately and methodically to retain the desired aesthetics and visual language, as this high-depth detailed CRM page for the individual users.

Simplified workflows, as the request was a visual adaptation of campaigns on costumer's journey.

The new interface was designed to help marketers stay focus on what is important.

The platform also includes live analytics on every step of the campaign's workflow for instant edit of rules and parameters.